The 2019 Skijoring Event was a great success with amazing teams of riders and skiiers plus a huge support from the spectators. Thank you to everyone that made this year's event the amazing day that it was! For event photos be sure to check out our facebook page. Stay tuned for 2020 Skijoring event details!


We are pleased to be able to announce the second annual WGRA Skijoring event! Below are details of the 2019 event which is proudly brought to you by VolkTrans Canada and held at Smokin True Ranch in Clearwater BC.

11.30am - 2pm on Saturday 16th February 2019 

This year we will be bigger and better-
*New D-system for timed runs!
*Prizes for longest jump
*Prizes for fastest times

Skiers and snowboarders welcome, must wear approved snow helmet and goggles
Riders must have current Horse Council BC
Dogs must be on leash please

Skijoring 2019 Rules & Regulations

Rules are solely for the safety of the competitors and spectators, both horse and human, and to ensure fair competition at the Wells Gray Riders Association (WGRA) skijoring event. All rules are required to be followed by skijoring event participants.

Teams include riders, horses and sliders (this term refers to a skier or snowboarder)


  • Horse Gate Official to be obeyed at all times and has final say on any matter related to the WGRA skijoring event
  • If a horse, rider, or equipment are deemed unsafe, the rider, horse and / or slider can be asked to leave at any time by the Horse Gate Official
  • If the slider drops the rope BEFORE crossing the START LINE, he / she will be allowed one restart immediately after the team’s fault start. If a delay or the slider drops the rope on the second attempt to start, the team is disqualified for that run. If the horse has run the course, the team will be dropped down a few racers after the first fault to allow the horse reasonable recovery time.
  • The slider must finish in an upright position and on at least one ski, with rope in hand when crossing the finish line; both slider boots must cross the finish line
  • Both ski tips and both boots must go around a gate, or the gate is considered missed (slalom only)
  • All competitors will be informed of their time at the end of their run
  • Any performance enhancing drugs are prohibited and will not be tolerated. The Horse Gate Official will have final say in any related matters.
  • Rules will be reviewed verbally at the competitor meeting on Saturday morning
  • Horses will be checked for equipment randomly and at will. The Horse Gate Official will check all tack and how the rope is attached to the saddle. If requested by the Horse Gate Official, a rider may be asked to drop their bit.
  • Substitutions are allowed up until the competitor meeting on Saturday morning
  • Teams may compete in any or all events
  • Horse and rider may enter the sprint only once, unless qualified for finals
  • Horse and rider and slider maximum three times per class
  • Sliders must state intention to compete in long jump BEFORE their run
  • Distance of long jump will be measured at the heel of the back boot upon landing. Control must be demonstrated by sliders by skiing / snowboarding out of the jump landing. Field judge has final decision related to this matter.
  • There will be a designated warm up time during which sliders / riders can inspect course. No rider / slider will be allowed on the course except during their designated run outside of the warm up time.

The following will result in a NO TIME for a race:

  • Infraction of any provincial or federal law which exists pertaining to the exhibition, care, and custody of horses
  • Abuse of an animal on the track and / or evidence that an act of abuse has occurred prior to, or during, the exhibition of a horse in competition
  • Use of illegal equipment, including added wire on bits or curb chains / straps
  • Failure to dismount and / or present horse and equipment to the Horse Gate Official if asked
  • Acting in a manner disrespectful of the venue or event


  • All riders must be on time for their runs; any rider not on time will be moved to the back of the order; second failure to be ready will result in disqualification
  • Helmets and protective vests are recommended for all riders
  • Proper footwear required to be worn by all riders
  • Any riders under 18 must have approved parent / guardian consent forms
  • Riders under 18 must wear a helmet
  • Horses MUST BE IN SHAPE to run- rider teams will be disqualified if their horse is deemed to be not ready to run
  • Horses may run up to four times per day
  • Leg protection (wraps or boots and bell boots) for horses is strongly recommended, as are shoes / boots with traction
  • Saddles must have a horn, onto which ropes may be dallied but UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should the tow rope be tied onto the saddle / rider or slider


  • A slider may compete up to four times per day
  • All sliders must wear approved snow sport helmets and goggles
  • Any sliders under 18 must have approved parent / guardian consent forms
  • It is strongly recommended that bindings be checked by a professional prior to competition
  • Sliders hands must remain behind green line on rope when slider passes finish line



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