There will be some mini Man Tracker Games this year. Visit our site often to see what is coming and how you can participate! What a thrill it is, don't miss out!

Man Tracker Invitational 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Man Tracker Invitational!
We are very excited to be doing this event again up at the Wells Gray Golf Course. 

This year we have introduced a few new exciting components such as VIP upgrades for your registration. This VIP upgrade entitles you to extra loot and merchandise, a concession discount, on-site equine massage for trackers or pamper packages for prey. Most importantly, each VIP ticket holder will receive one in-game advantage!

Examples include: The location of 1 golden horseshoe, a timed head start, a Life Pass, or even a game handicap for your opponent. Game advantages will be drawn at the start of the weekend and are ONLY valid for VIP ticket holders.

Please note: all prices listed below are per person unless otherwise specified.

$$$$ COMING SOON!! $$$$

Early Bird Registration open to previous participants May 1st-31st. 
Registration open to the public from June 1st-july 31st


Event Location
Wells Gray Golf Course
6624 Clearwater Valley Rd, Clearwater BC, V0E 1N1

Contact the MTI Committee Coordinator at +1 250 674 1650 or [email protected]


2016 WINNING TRACKER TEAM - Liz, Shona, Lori, Judy 

2016 WINNING PREY TEAM - Adam, Todd, Ryan, Nick


2015 WINNING TRACKER TEAM - Candus, Ryan, Mitch, Pete

2015 WINNING PREY TEAM - Stu, Chance, Andre, Jared